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Kyosho Industrial Solutions

Kyosho have been engaged in Trade, manufacturing and marketing of high tensile cold forged fasteners. Today, we are among the leading OEM and Aftermarket suppliers in India serving the needs of leading automotive companies and Service Industry in India, Europe and USA.

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Our Story

Welcome To Kyosho Industrial Solutions

We at Kyosho have been engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of high tensile cold forged fasteners. Today, we are amongst the leading. OEM suppliers in India serving the needs of leading automotive and service companies in India, Europe and USA. A large part of this success can be credited to our competent workforce that has helped us surpass new boundaries at every step. It is through their contribution that we have been able to achieve our corporate vision of “sustainable growth through overall excellence.
The ‘360 degree’ philosophy looks at all aspects of the value chain, from manufacturing and quality control to human resource development as a tool to produce total customer satisfaction. All around excellence for overall perfection…this is the promise of our 360 degree approach.

Only the Best

Our Product Range

Standard Fasteners

Known for their excellence, our range of standard fasteners includes socket head cap screws, hexagonal head bolts, studs, hexagon nuts and weld nuts. The dual benefits of better fatigue resistance and superior strength have made these fasteners a popular choice.

Chassis Fasteners

Our range of chassis fasteners includes hub/wheel bolts, hub nuts, wheel studs, suspension bolts, propeller shaft bolts/nuts, centre bolts, track shoe bolts/nuts, rivets and two wheeler spindles/wheel axles. These are widely used in the undercarriage of automobiles and heavy earth moving equipments.

Engine Fasteners

Our engine fasteners include cylinder head bolts/screws, fly wheel nuts/bolts, connecting rod bolts/nuts, balance weight bolts and main bearing cap bolts. These are widely used in internal combustion engines.

Special Fasteners

Our special fasteners are manufactured to suit unique customer specifications. Available in a variety of surface protection coatings, these fasteners are proof of the fact that we provide complete customisable solutions.

Surface Treatment and Coatings

To meet the demands of a dynamic market environment, we offer Cr™ free multi-colour, micro-layer corrosion protection systems in accordance with strict environmental regulations. Leading brands like Geomat, Deltatone”/Deltaseal” and Dacromat are used as coating finishes for our range of fasteners, as per the needs of leading automotive/Tier-I players worldwide.


With the expertise of about three decades, our manufacturing facility today includes state-of-the-art cold forging on multistation bolt formers, inline rolling, heat treatment, surface finishing/coating, Wire drawing, Annealing, CNC turning, Centre less Grinding,  Thread rolling and other Secondary operations. Induction hardening of critical fasteners, use of sophisticated in-line hardening and tempering furnaces with auto-load, pre-wash and post-washers, and the manufacture of special fasteners with very close tolerance are key features of our manufacturing process. Our finishing operations with integrated hydrogen de-embrittlement facilities also include complete waste treatment processes that bring us a step closer to an eco-friendly environment.


In order to ensure consistent quality of the final product, we have harnessed the power of several high accuracy specialised instruments. These include the Spectrometer, Torque tension meter, Fisher Scope for coating thickness checking, Contour Graph, Micro Vickers hardness tester, Microscope (with image analyzer softwarel, Tri-roll gauges for thread checking, Torque wrench, Eddy Current tester, Universal tensile machine and the Charpy tester. By identifying potential problems and flaws in advance, we ensure that Kyosho fasteners are defect free.


Kyosho’s engineering department is led by a team of highly experienced leaders. Equipped with the latest in CAD and simulation softwares and armed with the knowledge of an extensive library. our engineering team is extremely competent, especially in the manufacturing of precision parts. 


Our focus on quality is evident from our attention to cellular manufacturing, operator quality assurance and established traceability. In addition, our system are ISO 14001 certified and our laboratories are equipped with various high accuracy specialised instruments that ensure unquestionable quality at every step.


The preferred supplier to all major OEMS in India, we at Kyosho have used our expertise and understanding to serve the needs of market better. By providing full traceability from quote to delivery and providing access to the Kyosho product range in remote corners of the Indian subcontinent through our well established network, we have brought ourselves closer to our customers.

Our Vision & Mission

Kyosho has a target to expanded exponentially in coming years with its ever increasing clientele base establishing it a well known brand in the market. Targeted growth of the organization will be achieved with the help of the core ethical values embedded within each member of the organization who thrives to provide his best output.

  • Quality products at best price to its customer
  • Act with honesty and integrity.
  • Treat people with respect.
  • Conduct all business lawfully.
  • Accept individual and corporate
    Strive for customer satisfaction.
  • Improve and innovate continuously.
  • Never be wasteful.
  • Always work effectively and efficiently.


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FR 2 , Jawahar Nagar ,Near Cooperative Bank, Rohtak


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